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Danielle Greene

Advisor: Jason Vokoun


Danielle’s research interests include fisheries management and conservation. She has experience working with a variety of fish species in both marine and freshwater ecosystems. Most recently, she assisted CT DEEP with the Long Island Sound Trawl Survey and with research on sturgeon and American shad.


As a native resident of Connecticut, Danielle is particularly interested in the sustainability of fisheries within her home state. Her master’s thesis research will focus on the correlation between environmental factors and levels of introgression in populations of wild and stocked brook trout in Connecticut. As part of her research, she will determine whether the extent of hybridization in any of the study populations is a threat to the genetic integrity of the wild brook trout populations. Her research will assist state biologists in assessing the sustainability of current trout management practices and with decisions regarding future management.







Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Center
Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087