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Jason Vokoun

Professor of Fisheries


Important Lab Folks- Past and Present


Lucas Nathan - PhD student in Natural Resources

Mauri Liberati - PhD student in Natural Resources

co-advised with Chadwick Rittenhouse


Danielle Greene - MS student in Natural Resources

Megan Upp - MS student in Natural Resources

Peter Grundy - BS student in Natural Resources



Graduate Students

Jan-Michael Hessenauer 2015 Ph.D.
Dissertation title: Contemporary and Historic Effects of Fishing on Largemouth Bass Populations, using Unexploited Populations for Reference




Kasey Pregler 2014 M.S. (co-advised with Eric Schultz)
Thesis title: Conservation of Bridle Shiner (Notropis bifrenatus) in Connecticut: issues in detecting an elusive species



Timothy Jensen 2012 M.S.
Thesis title: Movement, Habitat Use and Detection Probability of Bridle Shiner Estimated by Patch Occupancy Modeling in a Connecticut Watershed


Christopher McDowell 2012 M.S.
Thesis title: Winter Drawdown Effects on Swim-up Date and Growth Rate of Age-0 Fishes in Connecticut


Alicia A. Landi 2011 M.S.
Thesis title: Selection of Spawning Habitats by Horseshoe Crabs (Limulus polyphemus) Along the Complex Connecticut Coast


Yoichiro Kanno 2010 Ph.D.
Dissertation title: Brook trout populations in headwater stream networks: reproductive biology, riverscape genetics and climate change impact on abundance


Benjamin I. Gahagan 2010 M.S.
Thesis title: Estimating Anadromous River Herring Natal Stream Homing Rates and Timing of Juvenile Emigration Using Otolith Microchemistry


Christopher J. Dixon 2007 M.S.
Thesis title: Habitat use and population demographics of state-endangered burbot (Lota lota) in Northwestern Connecticut


Dustin J. Edwards 2007 M.S.
Thesis title: CEMG telemetry and individual-based bioenergetics models: laboratory evaluation of a method to explore energetic-based habitat quality



Undergraduate Students:



Jason Jaffee, Ava Smith


Andrew Bade; Andrew Ransom; Josh Gagnon


Jenna Sargent; Luis Organista


Kelly O'Connor, Evan Tam


Kaitlin Heenehan; Megan Cruz; David Lee; Richard Moreno


Annie Ewert; Declan Gallagher; Danielle Lanslots


Mike Davidson; Anson Smigel


Elise Benoit; George Maynard


Kevin Job; Joseph Cassone


Ralph Tingley; Bradley Trumbo; Matthew Glocowski


Justin Wiggins; Samuel Bourret; Charles Lavoie; Scott Porter


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Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Center
Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087