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The Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Center uses scientific research techniques to better understand wildlife and fish populations, the habitats they require, and interactions with human society in our shared landscape. Its scientists promote sustainable management solutions for wildlife issues. Some of the critical issues that current projects are addressing include; wildlife and fish conservation in populated areas, rare species and threatened habitats, the changing climate, and the consequences of contaminants in the environment.





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  News & Highlights

Congrats, Mike! - Alumni Mike Evans wins Best Student Presentation Award at national The Wildlife Society conference.


Conservation planning for the 21st century - advancing conservation in constrained landscapes


Interactive results of CT Black Bear study - real data in a spatial, interactive storymap

  Brook Trout

"Not all those who wander are lost"

When J.R.R. Tokien wrote these words, he certaily did not have Brook Trout in mind. However, the rangers from Tolkien's renownedfantasy trilogy share a strikingly similarity with these cold-water fish. more

  Largemouth Bass

A New Status Quo in the Catch-and-Release Era - Over the past century, recreational fishing for some species has increasingly shifted to catch-and-release dominated practices. WFCC's Dr. Jokoun and aluni Dr. Hessenauer evaluate the effects of recreational anling on Largemouth Bass populations. more
Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Center
Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
University of Connecticut
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